Susan Lane LPCC, NCC

The key to successful psychotherapy is the working relationship between client and therapist. Over the years I have found that taking the time to thoughtfully and purposefully establish a foundation for this relationship is imperative. 

Our first sessions serve as an assessment period in which we determine whether my approach best suits your needs. During this time, we discuss current concerns, relevant history, and how therapy may or may not address your concerns. We will also discuss scheduling and how it is that we will know therapy is proving helpful, should we decide to proceed.

Upon arrival for a scheduled appointment, you can have a seat in the reception area and I will meet you there at the time of our appointment. Traditional therapy sessions are 55 minutes in duration.

When inside the building, please be as quiet as possible to respect the care and privacy of others.  Upon arrival, please silence all mobile devices. If you need to make or a receive a phone call, please step outside to do so.


What To Expect


Individual psychotherapy, specializing in work with age 18 years and older, with concerns related to depression, anxiety, trauma, grief/loss and identity formation across the life span